Questions Lakewood residents should be asking and getting answers

  • Is the consortium for bussing working?
  • Will the Lakewood Board of Education ever balance the school budget?
  • Should Lakewood Board of Education have representation from all the people in Lakewood?
  • Will the building ever stop, especially on Route 9?
  • Will the VAAD stop having control over elections?
  • Will a mayor ever serve for more than 1 year?
  • Should Lakewood change the committeemen government to an elected Mayor with representation from all areas of Lakewood?
  • Will developers have the responsibility for putting in sidewalks?
  • Will the State ever have money to widen Route 9?

There are probably many more questions and issues I’ve missed, but in my 11 years in LAKEWOOD, this is my opinion.

To get answers to these questions write or e-mail the Government officials who can make the difference.

Senator Robert Singer-he wrote the busing bill for the consortium

Committeemen- Mayor Ray Coles, Deputy Mayor Menshe Miller, Committeemen, Mike D’elia, Issac Ackerman and Meir Litchstein. They’re responsible for Budget, Zoning, and Planning committees in Lakewood. They also appoint the members to those Boards.

The meetings for the township committeemen and zoning and planning, as well as e-mail address are posted on the Lakewood Township website.  If we want answers these are the people responsible for our township at the local and state level.



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