WOW, I could not believe what’s really going on in New York City with regard to giving students a well rounded education. Remember, New York City has rules and laws that demand students in Yeshivas get a well rounded education....that means all the core subjects.
     New Jersey has no such rules or laws, so can you imagine what’s really going on here in Lakewood ?? For all of  our Orthodox friends I ask you....are you cheating your own children ?? By not demanding all the core subjects be given, are you just compounding the fraud and cheating because students can’t enter the real world and compete for good jobs...??? Are we just wasting millions and millions of dollars based on all the money spent on private schools ??
     I ask myself these same questions and I’d like to hear some opinions, because the above are just some thoughts and opinions of mine. Please be sure to listen to the interview with Jay Fishman, scroll down past half way. Especially pay attention to 11:49 to 12:30 minutes and 12:43 to 13:40 minutes and to the end.....
     What’s the answer if the NJDOE won’t step up or Senator Singer won’tdemand changes. Can the town step up ?? Yes they can because they are now involved with the BOE, they are giving them our money......Again I’dlove to hear some opinions....t/g 

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