Tom Gatti’s answer to the report in the Asbury Park Press about the Pressure young Orthodox families are under....

Again, I just say WOW, what nerve on the part of the Orthodox leaders to claim cultural pressures help create the need for young members of the Orthodox community to rely on public assistance. I see a very simple solution to that claim, DON’T encourage young members of the Orthodox community to marry so young. DON’T encourage young married couples to have huge families until they can support them. DON’T encourage young men to begin their studies and not find a job. DO encourage young men and family members to find work and support themselves, thus eliminating the need for public assistance.

     Seems like everyone knows how to play the game, and be able to do exactly as they like on the financial backs of others. These are young intelligent men, women and students, they know exactly what they are doing, so having more conferences seems like a major waste of time and resources.......All of this of course is solely my opinion.

Thomas G. Gatti Lakewood N.J.

917 834-7186

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