Good morning Tom,

Sorry for the delay but Tom Henshaw was out at the end of last week & I wanted to make sure I gave you correct information.

The school principal told us yesterday that they are on schedule to be operational at their new facility by the end of February. They had hoped to be in earlier, but a 2 month delay from JCP&L forced them to push it back.

Their lease did expire on Dec. 31. They are on a month to month lease right now & are fully paid up

The trailers on site are already sold to another school & will be moved out as soon as the school moves into their new facility.

I asked Tom to prepare the necessary paperwork to demolish the existing structures on site as soon as the school is out

Once the property is cleaned up, I would like to get input from the residents in the area about what they would like to see there.

That is all I have for now. Ray

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